LTE cat4 B42/43/48 (3.5Ghz/3.7Ghz)+multiband Mini PCIE module MLH5941

Product introduction

MLH5941 4G LTE Mini PCIE module which can work at B42/43/48 (3.5Ghz/3.7Ghz)+multiband, like band3/7/20/42/43/48, or any other LTE FDD and TDD bands as well. can be integrate using for LTE UE/ CPE/ modem/ wireless router/ gateway etc., below is the main spec.

Zmtel LTE cat4 Band42/43/48 mini PCIE module
Zmtel LTE cat4 Band42/43/48 mini PCIE module
Product Parameters:



Working Frequency Band

Band3 : 1710~1785MHz /1805~1880 MHz
Band7 : 2500~2570MHz/2620~2690 MHz
Band20: 832~ 862MHz/ 791~ 821MHz
Band42: 3400-3600MHz
Band43: 3600-3800MHz

Maximum Transmit Power


Operating Temperature

Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~ +65℃
Operating Temperature( Reduce RF performance):-30℃ ~ +70℃
Storage Temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃

Power Voltage

3.15V ~ 4.2V (Recommend 3.3V)

Consumption (Current)

Band3/7/20: 750mA
Band42/43:520mA (Ratio 1:2)

AT Instruction

Support standard AT instruction set

Mini PCI Express

Power and Ground


1 USIM card signal (Support 3.0v or 1.8v)
1 high speed USB2.0 interface
MII interface
Indicator signals

External Interface

main and auxiliary antenna interfaces
General Mini PCI Express interface

Supplementary Service


RoHS Environmental Requirement


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