There are Over 1,000 new LTE Devices in the market

Release date:2017-11-13 Source: GSA

November 2017: The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) has identified over 1,000 new LTE devices in the past four months.

Some of the latest key metrics from the GAMBoD LTE Devices database are:

●    Over 80% of the newly identified devices support Band 3 – 1800 MHz, which is by far the largest LTE band in use globally

●    14 Category 16 User Equipment devices (UE) have been identified in the past four months bringing the total number of UE Cat-16 devices to 24

●    17 devices support 256QAM in the downlink and of these 14 also support 4×4 MIMO

●    There is clear evidence of the Cat-NB1 ecosystem developing, with 366% growth in devices supporting Narrowband IoT over the last reporting period.

Zmtel LTE device