LTE Market Facts

Release date:2017-10-31 Source: GSA

814 operators investing in LTE

644 commercially launched LTE or LTE-Advanced networks in 200 countries, including 100 LTE-TDD (TD-LTE) networks launched in 57

125 commercial VoLTE networks in 60 countries, and 205 operators investing in VoLTE in 95 countries

212 launched networks that are LTE-Advanced, in 105 countries

7 launched networks that support Cat-16 user equipment (UE)

680-700 anticipated commercially launched LTE networks by end-2017 (GSA forecast)

18 NB-IoT and 5 LTE-M/Cat-M1 networks commercially launched, with 60 NB-IoT and 21 LTE-M/Cat-M1 networks planned or being trialled

103 operators investing in 5G (demos, tests and trials of one or more constituent technologies)

32 operators, at least, that have now made public commitments to deployment of pre-standards ‘5G’ or standards-based 5G networks in 23 countries.

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