Where 5G trials are taking place, and what they involve

Release date:2018-04-17 Source: GSA

By the start of April 2018 GSA had identified 134 operators, in 62 countries, that have demonstrated or are testing, or trialing, or have been licensed to begin field trials of 5G-enabling and candidate technologies. (The numbers in early January were 113 operators in 56 countries.) • Operators have announced over 326 separate demonstrations, tests or trials that we have been able to identify. • At least 61 projects have involved testing Massive MIMO in the context of 5G (i.e., MIMO trials involving 64 or more transmitters, or lower order MIMO used on new high frequency spectrum bands, or involving some other 5G aspect such as New Radio characteristics). • At least 73 have been demos, tests or trials of New Radio technologies (up from 42 since our last report), and 19 projects explicitly featuring network slicing.