Ooredoo Oman conducts tests on massive MIMO in home broadband

Release date:2018-03-16 Source: Telecompaper

Ooredoo Oman has successfully deployed a massive multiple-input and multiple-output (Massive MIMO) trial in Home Broadband. The test showed that by using the appropriate consumer equipment (CPE), speeds and capacity were increased by more than five times. The outcome was obtained with Massive MIMO, a new antenna that enhances customer service, capacity and output, allowing several users to connect to the same site location. 

The next generation of wireless equipment will dramatically increase the speed at which data is transferred on the network to 100 times faster than cellular connection and ten times faster than the speediest home broadband service, said Ooredoo Oman. This means a full HD feature film could be downloaded in seconds.

Zmtel has released LTE-A cat12 CPE support massive MIMO (4x4mimo) and CA, can work at different 3GPP FDD and TDD bands.

massive MIMO CPE

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