GSA’s NTS database shows continued rapid investment in LTE,
LTE-Advanced and 5G technologies by operators worldwide

Release date:2017-12-19 Source: GSA

A new monthly report from GSA that provides an update on what new data has been uploaded to the GSA GAMBoD ‘Networks, Technology, Spectrum’ database that tracks global mobile operators, the technologies being trialed, tested and deployed as well as spectrum used.


GSA’s NTS database reports:

• An increase in the number of LTE investors* worldwide from 828 at the end of October to 846 at the end of November, of which:

• 647 have launched services

• 101 have launched TDD based services

• 273 LTE-Advanced investors, of which 216 have launched networks

• 116 operators investing in prestandards 5G networks at the end of November, up from 103 a month earlier


The NTS database now tracks three new LTE network features:

• Networks with 4x4 MIMO (or better) – 94 operators identified as investing

• Networks with 256 QAM in the DL – 84 operators identified as investing

• Networks using carrier aggregation – 273 operators identified as investing

Amongst the other features tracked:

• The number of operators investing in VoLTE rose during November from 207 to 212; of which 129 have launched

• 87 operators investing in NB-IoT, up from 75 at the end of October. 33 launched.

• 32 investing in LTE-M/Cat M1, up from 25. Five launched

• 18 investing in LAA, up from 16 at the end of October.


Operator counts for several new LTE spectrum bands have been added in the latest update

• GSA’s NTS database now has counts of LTE network investments in 23 different bands / groups of band

• 1800 MHz, band 3 remains the most-used band for LTE (316 launched networks)

• 800 MHz, band 20 is in second place (173 launched networks)

• Spectrum used for 5G trials is also tracked: data is now available on 50 operators

• watch out for the GSA’s forthcoming report on 5G spectrum.

Operators investing in LTE-Zmtel