Zmtel’s LTE 450mhz Band31 CPE have passed the Anatel homologation test in Brazil

Release date:2016-12-29 Source:Zmtel

As one of the earliest manufacturer who provided LTE 450mhz band31 solution, Zmtel’s LTE 450Mhz band31 CPE are using by a lot of operators all over the world. And we just passed the Anatel homologation test in Brazil, it’s the first LTE 450Mhz Band31 CPE passed the Anatel homologation test. Which can work at band 31+multiband, like band31/3/7/20 simultaneously, with external antenna, Voip/Volte, wifi VPN function and TR069 function, and allow 32 wifi users at the same time, used by the Operators for the service in rural area.

Zmtel provide 4G LTE 450mhz CPE wireless router

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